CMSpi discusses how polymer banknotes will impact independent retailers in Independent Retail News

Retailers are expected to face significant challenges in order to accommodate new polymer banknotes. In Independent Retail News, Matthew Shaw, Head of Marketing, CMSpi, explains how the new notes will be particularly problematic for retailers with self-fill ATMs as the ATM cassettes are able to hold either polymer or paper notes – not both. This will result in increased banking costs. In addition, during the period of co-circulation, retailers may not receive the volume of polymer notes needed to replenish their new polymer-dispensing machines and subsequently will need to buy in extra polymer notes – again, incurring costs. Retailers must therefore ensure they plan ahead to try to mitigate logoadditional costs during this time.

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iGTB attends Global Business Leaders Conference, which stresses the power of business for good

This monINSEAD.jpgth, Moorgate attended INSEAD’s Global Business Leaders Conference: ‘Europe: What Works!’, held in Vienna. The conference was attended by business leaders and strategic thinkers – including iGTB’s Phil Cantor, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of PreSales and Jacob Derbyshire of Giant iTab, the prize draw winner of iGTB’s soon to be published ‘SME Banking Needs’ Survey.

The conference covered Europe’s current state as a marketplace – and the promotion of economic growth, competitiveness, good business and best practice throughout the region. Two key themes emerged – firstly, the view that there is much cause for optimism in Europe, since it has the strength and resources for continued success. Secondly, there was an emphasis on the power of business, as corporate strengths are not only measured by economic means but increasingly by ethical and sustainable business practices.

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Nancy So, Deutsche Bank, discusses managing regulatory developments and trade in Asia in The Asian Banker

InNancySo The Asian Banker, Nancy So – Deutsche Bank’s Head of Institutional Cash Asia Pacific – discusses developments in the Asian market and the surge in sustainable growth. She explains that this growth is coupled by the rise of e-commerce in Asia, which remains unbeaten in its rate of expansion.

This could provide a huge untapped opportunity for the growth of Asian financial institutions (FIs), however, there are obstacles to consider. So argues that FIs and banks need to stay aware of increasing regulatory scrutiny and should fully utilise global banking providers’ expertise in implementing compliance processes to ease the impact of such compliance on growth. Working closely with their providers will enable FIs to focus on other key growth areas, such as e-commerce transactions and trade finance.

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Daniel Schmand and Marcus Sehr on Deutsche Bank’s wins from EMEA Finance’s Treasury Awards

EMEA Finance AwardsIn EMEA Finance, Daniel Schmand, Head of Trade Finance & Cash Management Corporates EMEA, and Marcus Sehr, Global Head of Institutional Cash, comment on Deutsche Bank’s significant wins in the EMEA Finance Awards 2015. The wins included: ‘Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in Europe’, ‘Best Treasury Services in Europe’ and ‘Best Trade Finance Services in Europe’.

Schmand comments that these wins demonstrate the bank’s “unwavering commitment to trade, treasury and transaction services”. Meanwhile, Sehr explains that the award for Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in Europe highlights the bank’s client-centric approach, continued investment in the franchise, and innovative solutions.

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Falcon Group’s forfaiting hires covered by the specialist press

Falcon large f logoFalcon Group has announced the appointment of three senior originators to develop its forfaiting capabilities: Ray Webb, Martin Betts and Keith McConnell. The new hires from Deutsche Forfait AG will be responsible for delivering a range of forfaiting services and proposing Falcon’s existing solutions across their extensive network of international relationships.

Based in London, the team brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise in cross-border forfaiting and trade finance transactions that will further support Falcon’s strategy of diversifying its client base and achieving international growth.

Commenting on the hires, Group CEO Will Nagle, said: “I am delighted to welcome Ray, Martin and Keith to Falcon Group. The capabilities they bring will fit seamlessly into our existing range of financing solutions. Falcon has always prided itself on being able to offer our clients a market-leading range of financing solutions, tailored to the issues that real businesses face. These hires demonstrate our commitment to expanding our business globally while at the same time delivering highly responsive services locally, wherever our clients are.

Following Moorgate’s outreach, the news was covered by Trade Finance, TXF, FX-MM and GTR.

Standard & Poor’s argues infrastructure is key to Italy’s economic progress in Financial Times Adviser

ItalyInfrastructure development is essential for Italy’s post-crisis recovery. In fact, Standard & Poor’s has shown that infrastructure spending creates a ‘multiplier effect’, driving short-term employment and productivity, and promoting long-term economic growth. But if Italy is to grasp the multiplier effect’s benefits, it must secure more investment.

Writing for the Financial Times Adviser, S&P’s Stefania Belisario stresses that public spending alone is not enough – which means the Italian private sector must also play its part to help bridge the financing gap. Addressing public planning problems and improving Italy’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) environment is necessary, while greater transparency will encourage investors to engage in infrastructure projects.

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BNY Mellon and iGTB discuss the future of transaction banking in FX-MM

Transaction banking is becoming increasingly recognised as the backbone of finance and the foundation upon which client relationships are built. Yet the transaction banking landscape is undergoing a period of immense change, with growing volumes of global trade, rapid developments in technology, the increasing presence of non-banks, and the evolving role of the corporate treasurer creating new challenges, as well as opportunities. In a special report by FX-MM, Dominic Broom, Head of Treasury Services EMEA, BNY Mellon, and Andrew England, Director and Head of Strategy, iGTB, were among a panel of experts debating the future of transaction banking and how the unfolding opportunities can be leveraged.

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