Commerzbank writes for Financial Director on why mid-caps are looking to Asia

In a guest commentary for Financial Director, Frank-Oliver Wolf, Global Head of Cash Management & International Business, and Martin Keller, European Head of Interest, Currency & Liquidity Management at Commerzbank AG, look at the RMB’s development and what opportunities are opening up for mid-sized corporates in China.

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Evan Goldstein on how the RMB will continue to soar – and businesses can benefit

There are many causes fuelling the rise of China’s currency, including the policy push for internationalisation and the country’s powerful role as a global trader, explains Evan Goldstein, Global Head of Renminbi Solutions, Deutsche Bank in Cash & Trade. And naturally, as the yuan or renminbi continues to grow, corporates are looking to cash in – Goldstein discusses what challenges they may face in doing so and how to overcome them.

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S&P hosts its annual infrastructure finance conference

This week, Standard and Poor’s hosted its annual infrastructure finance event at Drapers Hall, City of London, launching a new report on the “multiplier effect” of investment in infrastructure, in which it predicts that the UK’s current infrastructure investment deficit is at least £60 billion. The event hosted key S&P speakers such as Michael Wilkins, Managing Director, Infrastructure Finance Ratings, Aurelie Hariton-Fardad, Director, Infrastructure Finance Ratings, Jean Michel Six, Managing Director & Chief Economist for EMEA and Mark Davidson, Director, Utilities, Infrastructure Finance Ratings, as well as notable guest speakers such as Dr. John Llewellyn, Partner, Llewellyn Consulting, Angela Knight CBE, CEO, Energy UK and David Black, Director of Economics, from Ofwat.

As a result of Moorgate outreach, the event, and the findings of the report, were covered by IJGlobal, Infrastructure InvestorInfraNewsPPP Bulletin, Global Investor, FTSE Global Markets, gtnews, Construction Enquirer, Private Equity Wire and IPE Real Estate.

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Evan Goldstein on why the RMB is ‘Yuan to Watch’

In the November issue of FX-MM, Evan Goldstein, Global Head of Renminbi solutions, Deutsche Bank, discusses the meteoric rise of China’s currency – and how corporates can harness its potential for their own benefit.

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S&P discusses the shifting dynamics of the global oil market

Simon Redmond, Director at Standard & Poor’s, and Stuart Elliot, Director at Platts, tell Investment Week how geopolitical risk – such as the growing presence of Isis in Iraq or the Russian troops in Ukraine – threatens oil producers globally. They also discuss how shifting technology is a growing issue, and a particular focus of the US sanctions, as well as looking at the impact that the surge in US shale is having on global oil flows.

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Simon Redmond, Director at S&P

Simon Redmond, Director at S&P

S&P considers how France’s mid-market is faring amid tough economic conditions

Despite adopting conservative financial policies, economic forecasts show that France is lagging behind an already slow European recovery. In TMI’s November issue, Standard & Poor’s analysts Claire Mauduit-Le Clercq and Alexandra Krief discuss how pressured competitiveness and stagnant investment levels are inhibiting France’s economic recovery. They explain that French midsized companies must seek alternative funding sources – such as private placement (Euro PP, for example) and direct lending markets – to fill the gap left by banking disintermediation, and ultimately catch up with the rest of Europe.

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Claire Mauduit-Le Clercq

Claire Mauduit-Le Clercq, Associate Director, Mid-Market Evaluations and Credit Estimates 

Alexandra Krief

Alexandra Krief, Director, Head of Mid-Market Evaluations and Credit Estimates

Patrick Artus writes for City AM on the Eurozone’s survival of its own Japanese-style “lost decade”

Natixis’ Chief economist, Patrick Artus, discusses the possibility that the Eurozone is experiencing a similar economic malaise as Japan pre “Abenomics”. And if so, what will be the end result for an economic region that is not a single cohesive country? Indeed, if this turbulent currency union brings nothing but stagnation, joblessness and deflation, then time is running out before members start voting to leave.

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