The Times covers Centre for Entrepreneurs’ manifesto launch

The Centre for Entrepreneurs think tank launched its 2015 election manifesto this week with a call to unlock the potential of entrepreneurialism in the UK. The Times ran an exclusive article on the manifesto, which included a restoration of tax incentives for large companies to invest in small or startup enterprises as well as a relaxation of restrictions on entrepreneurs’ relief, which reduces the capital gains tax liabilities of those selling their businesses. Other ideas – generated from entrepreneurs themselves – included easing immigration restrictions for entrepreneurs and tackling the deliberate late payment of invoices by major companies.

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A changing of the guard: Sian Aspinall and James Esdaile talk to Insurance Day about changes at BPL Global

As the political risk and trade credit insurance market is being radically reshaped, a number of changes are taking place at BPL Global, the oldest independent political risk broker in the London market. Speaking to specialist paper Insurance Day, company directors Sian Aspinall and James Esdaile discuss Russia-related business, the role of Lloyd’s, changes in the PRI market and, significantly, a shift in ownership at BPL Global.

To read the full article, please see page six-seven of this pdf.

BNY Mellon secures German trade deal

BNY Mellon has signed a trade processing partnership with Helaba (Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen) and the G25, a group which represents the 25 largest Sparkassen in Germany. In a deal that will help drive German export growth by boosting trade between the German Mittelstand and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, BNY Mellon will use its extensive correspondent banking network in APAC to promote the brands of Helaba and the Sparkassen, with Heleba and the Sparkassen routing letters of credit from German importers via BNY Mellon’s branch network. Following Moorgate’s outreach, the news has been published in a number of target publications, including FX-MM, Bobsguide, GTR, Finextra, gtnews, and Trade Finance.

BNY Mellon’s full announcement can be read here

Reuters and Dow Jones tap Tradeweb data

Following Draghi’s speech at Jackson Hole, Reuters France and Marketwatch (a Dow Jones title) used Tradeweb data to show the fresh lows reached by Eurozone government bond bid-yields across the Eurozone. The Reuters report was also published in Les Echos and Boursarama.


To read the full articles please click here: Reuters FranceMarketwatchLes EchosBoursarama.


Natixis discusses central banks’ change of philosophy in City AM

In order to increase the effectiveness of monetary policy, central banks have made radical changes to their long-standing ideologies. In today’s City AM newspaper, Patrick Artus – Natixis’ chief economist – explores central banks new attitudes, preferring transparency over the more traditional opacity, despite the ensuing risk in terms of credibility. Furthermore, they now want to intervene in all asset prices, which in increasingly leading to asset classes being overvalued.

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Natixis publishes Oil Review 2014

In support of Natixis’ growing business in the energy markets, the Oil Review offers a detailed analysis of the global crude oil and refined product markets. Reported by the Financial Times, Abhishek Deshpande, Natixis oil markets analyst, discusses the outlook on the price of oil over the coming one to two year horizon.

To read the full Financial Times article, please click here.

Natixis’ Patrick Artus explains the shock treatments that could reboot the French economy

In his weekly column for FTSE Global Markets, Patrick Artus – Chief Economist at Natixis – examines several worrying characteristics of the current economic climate in France, the measures that have been taken to combat them so far, and what further policies may be needed.

To read the article online please click here, or here for the pdf.


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